Bodhgaya is the place where the holy Vajrasana, the seat used by Lord Buddha  to attain enlightenment, the Bodhi Tree, where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment and is the place all Buddhas of past attained enlightenment and the present and future Buddha are believed to attain enlightenment. Hence Bodhgaya is the holiest and most suited place for Nyingma Monlam Chenmo that one could think of.

Vajrasana is venerated as being the source of all the Enlightened Buddhas of the past, present and the future. This intrinsically hallowed site has been chosen by all the Buddhas of all times to be the seat of their enlightenment. This vajra seat is not subject to destruction even at the end of an eon. The Buddha Shakya Muni also attained enlightenment at Bodhgaya 2600 years ago. Its sacredness has been furthered by innumerable luminaries of Buddhism who associated and practiced at this holy place. The luminaries include Arhat Kashyapa, the regent of Lord Buddha and the seven respective Arhats and Acharya Nagarjuna along with the Six Ornaments and two Excellent Masters, the great Bodhisattvas, Manjusri, Maitreya, Vajrapani, Tara and Avalokitesvara including Vidhyadharas and Dzogchen masters such as Rigzin Garab Dorje, Vimalamitra, Padmasambhava, Vairochana as well as the eighty four Maha Siddhas. Many other luminaries and Lotsawas such as Ronzom Mahapandita, Marpa, Atisha Deepankara also were inspired to study and practice here.

We are indebted to and ever grateful to those great patrons and benefactors of the Buddha dharma, such as Dharmaraj Bimbasara, Prasenajit, Ajatashatru and Chakravarti Ashoka the great, who protected and restored this most holy Vajrasana and the holy Bodhi Tree against all kinds of man-made and natural atrocities.

Millions of devotees from all over the world are drawn to the sacred vajrasana at Bodhgaya and in particular Sri Lanka, Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Tibet, Burma-Myanmar and Nepal, where Buddhism is predominantly adopted as religion.

Living luminaries like HH the Dalai Lama, HH Sakya Trichen, Gyalwa Karmapa and Gaden Tripa have visited this sacred seat to pay reverence and have presented discourses to thousands of followers. The unique sacredness of this “Field of Merit”, will make any aspiration or resolution made here, of incomparably greater strength and magnitude. It has been mentioned in the Sutras that just the intention to visit this sacred Vajra Seat releases one from innumerable obstacles and sufferings and enables one to accumulate boundless merits. Therefore it goes without saying that the effects of this huge congregation at Bodhgaya praying together for world peace would be beyond imagination. The results of these meritorious actions would directly produce the seeds of enlightenment.

Hence Bodhgaya was chosen as the venue for Nyingma Monlam Chenmo.

Participation in the Annual Nyingma Monlam Chenmo, the congregation to pray for World Peace at Bodhgaya is extremely important and worthwhile in order to inspire hope and courage in bringing about greater peace, harmony, joy and happiness in the world as well as seeking relief from all  unwanted sufferings.